Episode 290: Decentralized Food with Roy Ramey

Today, I get the honor of talking to a fella who I have admired for years, who cares about freedom and who understands that food security throughout the country would be vastly improved if we could get the government regulators out of our business and let folks sell food to one another, from the bottom up rather than further a centralized food system that puts us all at risk when deliveries no longer come for whatever reason.

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Roy Ramey operates a small family farm in WV. Previous to which, he attended college, worked in construction and engineering, served in the Army, including combat in Iraq. He has served as a college professor, teaching military leadership and currently manages military education. He’s married to his wife Fran with an 11-year-old daughter Abby, whom they homeschool. After serving as an Army officer for over 30 years, now in the Army Reserves, after being dissatisfied with government, he has decided to quit complaining and BE the solution, extending his service to run for office as the Commissioner of Agriculture of WV.


GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 

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    Merrick VanLandingham says:

    Could you do one on making compost tea? I’m professionally trained in chemistry and understand the mechanics behind it, but I still have more questions than answers. My humic acid levels aren’t where they should be when I do a large volume (45 gallons) and I don’t know why. My pH, ppm levels, and EC are all on point. Any input is always welcome.

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