I wanted to take on an issue we have sort of glossed over lately: Debt payoff. When I was talking with Beau a few weeks ago, I realized that as much as I say you need to be debt free to truly be free to live the life you want, we haven’t discussed the how of this. Then I was chatting with a friend who is paying off debt and she started asking me really pointed questions about my decision to pay off a second mortgage instead of the rest of my consumer debt.

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Main topic of the Show: Debt Payoff Ideas

Note: Not a financial advisor – I am merely sharing my debt payoff story

##Why I started paying down debt: Calculated monthly interest payments and realized $450 ish was going to service debt which meant that this amount of monthly earnings was simply time wasted for instant gratification.

What I tried: 

What did not go well

Beginning Level: Stop the bleeding – used Dave Ramsey – ish method


A word on unhappiness and spending.

Adjustments to the process — 

Thoughts to share on getting out of debt:

Make it a great week!

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