Today we have an interview about the move from urban living onto a small shed-to-house structure in a very rural setting with Beau Brotherton, founder of the popular Youtube Channel, Better Together Life.

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Beau Brotherton Bio

Beau and his wife Kelly are the kind of people who see what could be and don’t hesitate to make it happen. With their four kids, they sold their 2000 sq ft suburban home to do this crazy thing of converting a 16×48 shed into a full time home. A year into this adventure, they are in the process of restoring the land and building a permaculture homestead.

Beau is the creator of the Better Together Life Youtube channel and Podcast, Shed to House Facebook group, and is the author of the “Get Off Your Tail and Homestead” book.

1. Moving from urban to rural and simple
2. Getting out of debt

3. Building a content business

4. Building a shed to house

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