Knitters, Unite!

From the mistress of cabling, a healthy start

Early one morning, four knitters constituted the bulk of chatters on Living Free in Tennessee MeWe, and we kind of took over the conversation. You know how it goes: non-knitters ribbed us needly people (pun intended, although awful), which got us thinking about yarn moldering in some closet, and we wondered:

What if we joined forces from around the LFTN world to knit a warm blanket?

Mamasauce starts a cable rib strip

So here it is. Let’s build a blanket from strips people knit. Mamasauce will assemble it, and if we have anything even a sofa throw’s worth, we’ll toss it on the barter blanket at the LFTN Spring Workshop 2020.

If you want to make a strip, hop right in.

Specifications, such as they are

US 8 needles
Worsted weight washable yarn

Cast on 36 stitches and work until the strip is about 5 feet (60″) long. This is about a “regular-sized” skein of yarn.

Bind off and get in touch with Mamasauce for an address to send your strip to. Don’t wait to bring it to the Spring Workshop, because the blanket must be assembled and blocked before we give it away.

Use any stitch, stitches, or design. Any color or combinations of color. Any sort of yarn, so long as it can be washed and dried in automatic machines.

Try this direct download for some stitch ideas.

This should be fun!


Cable rib, finished

The Mistress of Cabling and Mama Sauce each have a strip or two ready to go. Ms International began a blanket strip during some weeks of severe pain, then unraveled the work and began again during a happier time. Mr New Hampshire, presently the only male known to be engaged in knitting part of this community blanket, has a good start.