Today, I will walk you through the overview of what I plan to do in order to grow lettuce indoors in mason jars! I will also cover the supplies needed and goals of the project.

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What’s Up on the Homestead

  • Planting peas
  • Lots of winter cleanup
  • No duck eggs yet, but seeking to move the coop to a less soppy location
  • Time to plant bare root plants

Main topic of the Show: Growing Winter Lettuce In Mason Jars

  • Goals of the project 
    • Least amount in infrastructure outlay
    • Very little time investment
    • Ability to have an ongoing supply of fresh lettuce year round
    • Find ways to visually integrate it with the house redo
  • Process
    • Supplies needed
      • Waterproof container
      • Rockwool or seedling plugs
      • Netpots
      • Seeds
      • Lights
      • Timer
      • Mason Jars
      • Clay pebbles
      • Nutrient
      • Paper or tinfoil
    • Germination
    • Grow the roots
    • Transplant the plugs – (will transplant half prematurely) add the nutrient solution
    • Cover the jars
    • Check every few days until I understand the speed of water consumption
    • Harvest lettuce
    • Regrow several times because it is lettuce
    • Assess timing so that there is a perpetual crop

Hopes and expectations 

  • 5 weeks to harvest, with a smaller thinning harvest
  • Restart seedling every 4 weeks
  • 10 plants is enough
  • Lower cost than store bought
  • Better flavor than store bought
  • ….fun and learning

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 

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