Episode 238 – Herbal Tea, CBD and Small Business Development with Angie’s Gardens

Today we are pleased to invite the founders of Angie’s Gardens to share their small business development journey. Josh and Angie Reynolds started with permaculture, discovered herbal remedies, developed tasty and healthy teas, then added high quality CBD products to their growing business. They got started in one farmers market and now visit 6-7 per week, as well as supporting online orders. Find out more on today’s show.

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Angie’s Gardens, headquartered in Texas, was born from the founder’s love of helping others. She first learned the power of herbs when her husband suggested their daughter drink some lemon balm tea with honey to feel better from a possible oncoming cold. She drank the tea and felt better.

Angela was astonished that something so simple could work so effectively and quickly that she began looking up other herbs. After reading the list of benefits of fennel, which took almost 10 minutes, she was hooked and began her studies of herbal medicine.

Angie has always felt a calling to healing and this is her way of doing just that!

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