Today, after a week of caring for my goat, I will review the 9 lessons that Mama Sauce learned from Clover, our goat.

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#HollerHatWednesday: What is she on and where is she going?

Mewe Reminder: 730-8

Stump the Sauce

  • Lynn on generators in a vacation rental in the mountains.

What’s Up in the AP

  • 3 60 watt bulbs kept our plants mostly alive through a 16 degree night
  • Thai water spinach, Water hyacinth, malabar spinach and ginger are all in the house. 
  • Forgot to move peppers or the avocado tree
  • Setting up an indoor grow area for microgreens and lettuces

Main topic of the Show: 8 Lessons the Gat Taught Mom

  1. Even though the goat pulls hard on her chain when you walk her, never wrap said chain around your hand to get a better grip lest you become bruised.
  2. When the goat becomes tangled to a tree and you need to untangle her, never place your finger between the tree and her chain. I thought I had crushed the bone…
  3. When leading the goat on her chain in the morning to her first grazing spot, hold the chain with both hands and lean way back as if you are on a ski rope tow.
  4. Each morning, when letting the goat out of her barn, you open the door then wait until she brings her head back before skiing to her first browsing spot.
  5. Similarly – release the hook with her tether from the barn gate BEFORE you open the latch to the gate.
  6. In the evening when moving the goat to her barn, all you need to do is un hook it from her tether location and she will drag the chain back with her – holding the chain while she does this is a bad idea.
  7. Each day in the morning, you must wait for the obligatory peach tree leaf munching before leading her to her first grazing location. Then walk he from this location to that asking her which plants she prefers to eat today.
  8. The more trees there are near the tether location, the more times she will wind and loop the chain around things in a crazy way. Similarly – the harder the terrain is that she is on, the more winding up of the chain she will do in order to improve the chances of pulling you off your feet when you come to move her.
  9. Don’t tether the goat where she can get up on things – particularly the poultry corn barrel.

Make it a great week!

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