Today, we will have a homesteading Q and A with multiple topics and questions, including plant identification, marketing a flower business, do I have a voice for radio, is Tennessee really that much cheaper than Illinois, processing walnuts and more.

#HollerHatWednesday: Why is she wearing an 80s era red veiled hat that is a throw back to the 50s?

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Stump the Sauce

  • From Ryan: What are some preparations, uses, or storage options for the fruit of the passion flower plant?

What’s Up on the Homestead

  • Do not Kill List
  • Gathering firewood for winter much later than we should be!

Main topic of the Show: Homestead Q and A Show

Feedback from Finland: Maria

How do I process Walnuts from Niki

Do I have a Voice for Radio? From Travis

How do we market our business? From a different Travis (Book recommendation)

Is there a plant that looks like comfrey, grows like plantain but has a very furry leaf from the Tactical Redneck

What is the catch on living cheap in TN? From Eli

Make it a great week!

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