Today, we talk through five power outage ideas if you do not have a generator. There are many things you can do to make things a little easier when you lose power.

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Stump the Sauce

  • Air bubble in canned tomato sauce

Listener Feedback

  • Yummy sounding tomato sauce recipe from Justin

What’s Up in the Garden

  • Putting fall bulbs and garlic in
  • Putting things to bed other places
  • A frost may be here Saturday!!

Main topic of the Show: 5 Ways to Make A Power Outage Better without a Generator

  1. Perishable food: Frozen Water & Insulation
  2. USB Battery Chargers — in the car
    1. Anker –
  3. Water Storage
    1. 2 gallons per person
  4. Cook outside on your grill/camp stove
  5. Rechargable Coleman LED Lanterns (bring to work)
    1. Coleman Rechargable Lantern-

Oh yeah entertainment!!

Make it a great week!

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