We are officially in fall. Another year has almost passed with its hope for a great harvest in the spring, wicked hot late summer days, and now, fall. So today, I wanted to share with you my early fall checklist on the homestead.

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What’s Up in the Garden

  • We had a terrible infestation of cabbage worms (what we did about it)
  • Fall lettuce is trying to bolt – will have a shade strategy in place for next year

Main topic of the Show: An Early Fall Checklist


  • Gather the antifreezing materials: plastic and bricks
    • Stock tank heater
    • Outside sheets
  • Prepare the garlic bed
  • Plant fall bulbs (tulips and daffodils, here we come!)
  • Begin to mulch areas that are already done for the year (asparagus)
  • Trim the eldreberries and mulberries (they are already dropping their leaves)
  • Plan for any new fruit tree plantings



  • Updated food storage: more
  • Ensure we have enough hay for the winter
  • Test the water antifreezing systems
  • Look at shelter and evaluate for winter
  • Bedding
  • Outdoor shelter for dogs and cats


  • Prepare for the fall root cellar move
  • Review the freezer contents and look for food storage weaknesses
  • Finish the rocket mass heater
  • Review pipe anti-freezing technology
  • Start winterizing the yard things
  • Look the cars over for decent antifreeze, etc
  • Power outtage kit review
  • First aid/medicinal support review (flu, colds)
  • Firewood
  • Clean the chimney
  • Order the broken stove baffle (OMG)
  • Holiday travel and guest plans
  • Review winter clothing status

Really the only thing on this list that does not apply to a city fall check list would be the livestock list and if you have pets, it might well. I am often struck by how the lessons in developing my lifestyle freedom on a homestead apply to most other ways of living that a person might choose.

Make it a great week!

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