Episode 214: Daniel Allen of TinyGiantLife on Aircrete

It is Friday so we have an interview show and today, I talk with Daniel Allen about aircrete – an interesting, insulative and very flexible building material that you may want to consider for your next project.

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Bio: Daniel Allen

30 years in the building Industry I took a job in I.T. and the company lost its big client to an Exxon buy out. The great recession hit and I could not find work without moving. So I cashed out my retirement, bought some land, build a small house and lived for a few years growing all my own food taking odd jobs.

I started building alternative buildings and had the opportunity to build every type of alternative structure. Eventually I found AirCrete, or cellular cement as it’s know in the industry. I fell in love with it. 

AirCrete let’s a comfortable structure be build in any climate affordably with the enormous amounts of labors required by typical alternative construction or expensive machines. Throw some tools and cement in a truck and one person can build anywhere they can drive to.

Now, I am starting a web based business teaching people how to build cheap beautiful debt free homes so that they can live an intentional life with or without a typical job. I offer digital video courses as well as workshops.

Richard Hastings turned me onto your podcast. I did a podcast interview with the survival podcast and really licked the interaction.

Make it a great week!

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