Fine Tip White Chalk Markers

It can be a challenge to find a space in your home for a large dry erase board, but most of us live in places with windows. I like to keep categories of lists that I can look at in big print to keep things moving forward here at the Holler Homestead and something I learned years ago is that my windows are giant dry erase boards.

Now, you can use dry erase markers on them, but these fine tip chalk markers show up much better. I happen to have a dark colored wooden blind on my favorite dry erase window, so I find the lighter colors, like white and blue, are the most visible option. However, if you have a light blind on your window, you may find out that some of the darker colors, like red, pop more from your window.

Anyone who drops by the Holler Homestead will often see relics of lists, or drawings on the window right by my front door. This is because I like to jot things down as I am having morning coffee and my morning coffee is usually had in front of the house.

If you are having trouble finding the right space for YOUR dry erase board, consider a space-saving alternative and get some chalk markers.


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