Today, I tell the story of the little duckling who could – or rather the little duckling who got herself into a predicament that almost resulted in a foot being cut off. Spoiler alert: she still has her foot and is in the bathtub infirmary recovering.

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Monday is Labor Day and there will be no show.

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  • Breeding chickens: what to do with the roo?

Main topic of the Show: The Duckling That Almost Lost Her Foot

Lessons learned

  • A towel on the washing machine makes a great first aid table for small animals – saves the back and storing animal first aid in the laundry room was a win
  • Do not use blue cote on deep wounds that will have to be stitched 
  • The story would have been very different had I been alone on the homestead (multiple people=good on the homestead)
  • Always carry your phone even on morning rounds
  • No matter how hard you try to be a good steward of your livestock – something will go wrong – be mentally ready for it — and keep basic first aid supplies on hand
  • Even when it seems urgent don’t be in a hurry on animal first aid

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  1. Joshua Sloan
    Joshua Sloan says:

    Thank you so much for playing Citizens Assisting Citizens first ever recorded PSA and your kind words, Nicole! CAC exists because of the support of caring people like you.


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