Today we talk about canning, jamming, drying and freezing peaches along with tips I have learned over the years to make things go smoother.

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Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Peachapalooza – jam city
  • Out of jelly jars and low on canning jars and have not yet done beans, corn, dilly beans, green chilies or salsa
  • Focused on eating through the freezer – still haven’t done the summer audit
  • JulyChallenge Update – chocolate rations story
    • Assessing weaknesses – bourbon, chocolate, snacks – not a true weakness
    • In-Season means in-season (Onion problem is not really a problem)
    • Paper supplies are mostly well managed but it is going to be close on some items
    • I do not plan my pet food well

What’s in Season

  • Jewel weed
  • Red amaranth
    • Nother wild green that is packed with nutrient
    • Harvest young flowers to eat
    • Seeds are a grain that is gluten free
    • >>I always identify it when it is a bit late to eat the seeds but plan to cultivate a patch on my wild food hillside

Operation Independence

Main topic of the Show: Preserving Peaches

Make it a great week!

Song: Thanks Dave by Sauce

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