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Originally, I had planned to talk about hand tool maintenance, but then I kept getting lots of questions about tomatoes – like what to do if you get too many, or not enough, or if your salsa is runny, or how to preserve them so I thought, why not talk about one of my favorite topics? Canning tomatoes and other ways to preserve them!

#HollerHatWednesday: Where is she and who is she with?

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Ken Eash – A Good Carpenter

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Stump the Sauce

  • What do I do if I make homemade salsa and it is runny?

Tales from the Booze Whisperer

  • Bourbon Ice Cube Update (slushy story)

What’s Up in the Garden

  • It is too hot!! 
  • Next round of seeds are in – watching the AP carefully for evaporation

Main topic of the Show: Canning, Using and Preserving Tomatoes

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