Today will be the first in a series of shows on Aquaponics – and today is the most basic of overviews – from the perspective of a user, not an installer, not a designer, but someone who has been hands on with an Aquaponics system for a year.

#HollerHatWednesday: Whose floor is she on and who or what threw her there?

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Stump the Sauce

Tidings from the Garden

  • $.95 salad will be served this evening (some lettuces are starting to bolt)
  • Potatoes are looking great
  • Peas are going strong
  • Swiss chard is coming into its own
  • Need to add nutrient – probably mg and calcium, though it could be iron, though that would be really odd
  • Some beans are climbing their poles
  • Tomatoes are blooming but have not set fruit
  • Parsley and cilantro are going to seed
  • More variety than last year
  • Thai water spinach has germinated, malabar spinach has not – may put some in pots under heat mats
  • Spent my June liquor budget on lava rock for AP expansion

Main topic of the Show: Introduction to Aquaponics – a user’s view

Make it a great week!

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