Today, I want to take on another country kitchen topic but from a bit of a different angle over last week: Modern Cooking in the country kitchen with a sous vide machine. Yup, this year, I got my hands on a sous vide machine and started experimenting with it. At first I was a bit skeptical about if it would really make a difference, but I also knew of other uses for it outside of cooking and thought it would be handy to have around. Then I got the thing and ended up LOVING it – like as in loving it more than my crockpot. So today, we will talk about what sous vide is, why I have started using it here at the Holler Homestead and even talk through some recipes.

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Modern Cooking with Sous Vide

Nicole’s Lessons Learned on Soux vide

  1. It really shines with meat 
  2. Large numbers of eggs work well
  3. Pre-spice your meats then freeze….
  4. Defrost with it, or go from frozen to cooked without the defrost phase
  5. Awesome when you need to time things just right


  • Sometimes you just want a slow cooked stew
  • Haven’t found many vegetable sides I like cooked this way
  • It is one more kitchen gadget


  • Does it make tough meat more tender?
  • What if you do not have a vacuum sealer?
  • How do you boil eggs with it?
  • What if you cook something too long?

Finally, the add-on use: Hand and dish washing stations: heat the water and hold it there

Story: Pig processing at 17 degrees on an off grid farm

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Make it a great week.

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