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Episode 87: Build Personal Productivity with #My3Things

Photo of Nicole Sauce's messy kitchen

Today, I want to talk about how focusing on a few things can help you get many things done. That’s right. We have touched on this concept in other episodes, but today, I thought we could dive a little deeper. And what sparked this idea? Well, it is the new Facebook group, Living Free in Tennessee Coffee Break. This is where lots of listeners are starting to post up to 3 do or die items that they will get done that day to move themselves forward toward their long-term goals. Some of the things are small, like taking a walk every morning. Some are big: like put up 6 bushels of corn — or some crazy amount — that took that person three days, but she got it done. And people are posting pictures of their progress and sharing ideas. But why three? Why now? We will talk about that after our segments.

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What Mother Nature is providing

  • Lots of tomatoes, cukes, squashes, onions, cabbage, greenbeans
  • Mullein flowers have arrive and it is time to harvest
  • Mimosa flowers are here – tincture
  • Someone put a goat roast in my freezer and we are having a curry from that
  • Potatoes are here but I hope to put off getting any until October because my storage area is not well enough insulated to keep those puppies cool
  • Peaches arrived this week but I have not seen any blueberries. I fear the frost killed those

What we are preserving this week

  • Dried our runner beans so we can hull them (what happened last year)
  • Should be canning corn, but I am sick and taking another week off – maybe 2. It’s totally freaking me out
  • Drying mullein flowers
  • Bee balm would be coming on had I not killed it
  • Making komboucha Karley / continuous style (see member portal for her fermentation video)
  • Should be making pickles but again – sick

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • It’s about time to re-organize all the canned goods and take an assessment
  • Operation prepper pantry fury as Brian would say
  • Defrosting the chest freezer will happen soon – as soon as I am well

Operation Independence

  • Updating the duplex: New deadline – end of August, and a trade
  • Airbnb has been jammin

Build Personal Productivity with #My3Thing

Song: Special, By Sauce