We are going to talk about life and more importantly life today, not yesterday, and not tomorrow. You hear people say all the time to live in the now but that seems kind of weird, right? I mean, if I just do what I want every day to be in the now, then when tomorrow comes, I will have used up all my cash and will end up out on the street. Well, maybe living in the now but being aware of the future is important. We will cover more of that in the main topic of the show.

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What mother nature is providing

  • I don’t really know, but Houston has chick weed
  • Watercress and Mint
  • It froze again so some of the early starts and the daffodils will be beaten back when I get home
  • Crappie

Getting the Gardens Ready

  • All it does is rain…so nothing

Tales from the prepper pantry

  • There will be a pig in the freezer when I get back so we will be makin bacon
  • Centering meals around the meat in the freezer that needs to go. Goal is to keep as healthy as possible.
  • Really focused on using up the canned goods
  • Sugar snap peas, radishes and tangerines

Stretching Meals

  • In a hotel:
    • Tamales
    • Sushi
    • Rotisserie chicken and salad
    • Uber eats

Operation Independence

  • We are not going to have to buy pork for awhile…
  • Focusing on operation yearly income through facilitation projects at least once a month

Song: Special by Sauce