Episode 66: Create Opportunity Through Simplification

Elderberry Syrup

Today, I am going to talk with you about opportunity and simplification. Simplification is the top of people’s minds for so many right now as they declutter their closets, re-examine their priorities and see opportunities come to fruition.

And opportunity is the name of the game.

Here at the Holler Homestead, we have been on 18 months of growing side hustles as I transitioned to a different way of life, and, well, the opportunities just keep coming in.

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What mother nature is providing

  • Wild garlic is here – well it was always here, but it has made itself known.
  • My favorite herb of the 2017/18 winter: Mullein
  • Chicken eggs are back!

Getting the Gardens Ready

  • Setting my growing plans bit late this year – second tier priority

Tales from the prepper pantry

  • Elderberry syrup
  • Hunting the rotting potato
  • Almost through the salsa we canned
  • I haven’t bought Garlic in 10 years

Stretching Meals

  • Meatballs in stroganoff: $9+$2+$2=$13 (6 meals),
  • Meatballs in lasagna: $1+$2=$3 (6 meals),
  • Meatballs with rice and greens: $2+$1=$3 (4 meals).
  • Total:$1.18 per meal.

Operation Independence

  • Caught up on the finance review, but not the declutter goal.
  • Had to prepare to be gone for a week and precooked some things to make it easier on Mark and save money
  • Cover over the camper *might* be done – no one can find my drill battery charger.


5 Ways to simplify your life

  1. Just Say NO. Every time you say yes, you a trading a bit of yourself. Is it worth it?
  2. Journal, meditate or pray each day – find your time – focus on whatever is in your way then let it go.
  3. Implement systems thinking: Declutter and organize and maintain
  4. Schedule time with your humans (Prioritize relationships)
  5. Schedule in time to grow your skills – books, new skills, expand your capability

Of course there are many ways to simplify your life, but it is not simple to do them all. And when you make space for serenity, you also make space for opportunity.

Next week, I am doing an episode on lessons learned from moving across the country. Do you have specific things you want to know about? Send your questions to me.

Make it a great week!

Song: Thanks Dave, Sauce