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Today is Friday so we have a thought of the walk and there has not been one of these in quite awhile since I took Fridays off in July. And today’s topic was sparked as part of a conversation over on our Mewe group about bullying. Because kids are mean, right? Or is it the artificial situations we put them in? But we will talk more about that in the main content of today’s show.

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Today, we will address a set of homestead/food freedom related questions: What to do with too much squash, composting outhouses, keeping your animals alive in the heat of the summer, small business finance, self-publishing and more.

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Today, I am on vacation so we have a replay episode and this is one from just about a year ago. It is all about #My3Things. This was the initial kickoff of that concept on this podcast and I thought it would be fun to revisit it a year later and think about how things have grown over this past year, the relationships you have developed with one another, and how many things we have all gotten accomplished in that time!

Now…off to sip a cocktail by the pool!

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Make it a great week!

Today, we have a fun interview with Tamlynn Clyde about lessons learned from the July Grocery Challenge – you remember right? The challenge where we decided not to go to commercial grocery stores for a month to test our pantry strength, our community relationships and ability to feed ourselves.

Remember, if you want to join us for an interview, you can do so by filling out the guest form here.

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And today we got 15 baby ducks and so must juggle the super small babies and the less small babies who cannot be raised as a flock yet because they are too far apart. And as I got to thinking about it, I realized that I have never shared how we seek tp protect our ducks from predators, so today I will review our 4 strategies for protecting our ducks from predators while free ranging them.

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Today, I really wanted to step back and take a look at something we do not talk about much here on Living Free in Tennessee – and that is reasons WHY people do not start their businesses. Or rather the top 5 excuses I see people using to not get started. 

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Sherpa Himalayan Salt – 10 pounds

Many a scientific friend has not understood WHY I insist on high quality salt. They scoff at me for using pink salt because the chemical makeup of salt is, well, salt. Yes there is a WORLD of salts with subtle flavors, much like coffee, much like wine.

And every year, I buy 10 pounds of a good Himalayan Salt. That is why I wanted to recommend this product to y’all today. You see, my year is up. It is time for another 10 pounds.

If you hit the grocery store for a small shaker-full of Himalayan salt, you will pay $6, $10, or even $12 for it. It’s crazy when you can but it in bulk, on Amazon, with free shipping.

I’ve loved the Sherpa brand Himalayan salt for several years now and I hope you will too.

Let me know what you think.

~Disclosure: yes, I am an Amazon Affiliate to clicking on the link will result in a small commission for me. Yes I have bought and used this product. Yes, I just ordered another 10 pounds today!

And here is a fun topic for the summer: 3 ways to combat loneliness on the homestead. Because now it is summer. But winter is coming

#HollerHatWednesday: Where is she and who is she with?

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Today we talk about canning, jamming, drying and freezing peaches along with tips I have learned over the years to make things go smoother.

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Today I will catch you up on the duck hijinks at the Holler Homestead and talk about mail ordered ducks and the trials and tribulations that can happen with them.

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