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Today, I will talk about early spring plants, planting and the roulette game that many of us play as part of our gardening effort.

Holler Hat Wednesday: Latest photo is up and quite a few of you have figured it out!

Get your ticket for the Spring Workshop

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Today, I will walk through areas to address if you plan to host an event or workshop so that you set yourself up for success and I will share what I learned as a seasoned event planner from last year’s spring workshop.

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Register for the LFTN Spring Workshop!

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Registration is open for the Spring workshop. As of this morning, we have 13 spots left. This year’s focus will be around building energy stability into your home or homestead, small business entrepreneurship, and fantastic food.

April 26-28

Location: 1 hour east of Nashville

Come see:

  • Sandor Katz, author of Wild Fermentation, to give us a demo and answer questions
  • Nicole Sauce, coffee roaster and homesteader, to show us how to make cheese and facilitate two project accelerators
  • Shawn Mills, from Hackmysolar.com, will dive into energy and oversee the building of a rocket mass heater onsite
  • Jessica Mills (AKA Dixie) will walk us through building your personal brand online
  • Patrick Roehrman, MTKnives.net, will cover razor sharp knife sharpening (and other homestead tools)
  • Brett Corrieri, BrettChef.com, will cover charcuterie and help ensure great grub at the event
  • Dori Mulder, of 40 Acres and a Cave, will come talk about how to glean value from what you have
  • Kurt Dugger, FreedomPhotography, will talk about building a network before you need it
  • David Oswalt, CiderHollowFarms.com, will show how to graft

Registration for the 2019 LFTN Spring Workshop is open for members! Here is the link.

This is not your grandaddy’s workshop – we will have great instructors, build a rocket mass heater, and cover many homesteading, off-grid and business topics throughout the weekend.

Better yet, you will get to spend quality time with the kind of people who get stuff done.

Other surprise sessions will occur and there may be some singin’ music one night if we are lucky.

  • How to build a Rocket Mass Heater Shawn Mills
  • Side-Hustle Mentality: Gleaning Value From What You Have Dori Mulder
  • Cheese Making Nicole Sauce
  • Developing Your Positive Community in the Modern World Tactical Redneck
  • Charcuterie Chef Brett Corrieri
  • Fermentation Sandor Katz
  • Off-Grid Cooking
  • Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty. Setting the stage for a future business launch Kurt Dugger
  • Beyond Razor-Sharp Knives and Tool Sharpening Patrick Roehrman
  • Building Your Personal Brand Online Jessica Mills
  • Learn Grafting and Build your Independence Fund David Oswalt
  • TWO Project Accelerators (People submit business ideas in advance and we brain storm them as a group)
  • How to Assess your Home or Project for an Energy Plan Shawn Mills

Dates: April 26-28 with camping the night before and after

Cost $400 ($100 deposit upon registration)

Today, we welcome back a friend of the podcast: The Tactical Redneck as he discusses his learning process in gardening from the first day he planted seeds to squeezing ever last ounce of fertility from poorly cared for soil where he is now.

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Today, I have a pretty short episode about family, making time for them, and why it matters. Why short? Because today, I am coming to you from California while visiting my family — and nieces — who I have not seen in over a year. And what a visit it has been. I will be here through Tuesday and fly home on Wednesday, which means that the podcast for Wednesday will be a replay because I have realized that flying across the country, and also recording a podcast is not going to work this week. But don’t worry. We will be back to normal on Friday…and the Holler Hat content post will go out as planned as it is the last one before Thursday’s drawing for a free membership!

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Today is Friday and that means a Thought of the Walk episode! And it it all about perspective on todays show. About when — and when not — to open your heart to different perspectives.

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Today, I thought it would be fun to wrap up the month of the modern homesteading kitchen topics by discussing what you should have in yours. It will break up into two categories the Basics and More Advanced. For me, good living and home cooking go hand in hand. And a good set up in the kitchen helps make this possible.

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Today, I’ve got a picture for you into our world here at the Holler Homestead and what one month of a disciplined MY3Things approach has gotten us, how the plans shift and change so that you can start to look at your efforts the same way.

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Today, I talk with a member of our community about building medical preparedness into your life both on the homestead and in general. Chris spent 4 1/2 years volunteer firefighter and is a recent graduate of combat medic reclass school, as well as a National registered EMT. Better yet, he gets where we are coming from and has good stuff to share.

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