Episode 595 – Money Mornings

Today we talk about Money Morning and how I am using them to increase revenue through tricking myself into focusing on something important with a gimmick.


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Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • 7 jars salsa
  • 12 jars green beans (½ bushel)
  • Tomato sauce TBD
  • Bone broth
  • Summer Leftover Salad
  • Herb preservation

Frugality Tip

Listened to the podcast with John Willis, you, and Bear… and since peppers love buckets here’s my tip .

At Walmart you can go to the bakery, and ask for the icing buckets . They are 1 and  5 gals, with lids . They do a quick rinse of them , but they are still oily . They used to be free, my local Walmart recently starting charging $1 for each piece .The lids are a-gamma type with a rubber seal . Very very very sturdy buckets . Before the , plandemic , and I would stop by weekly grabbed about 100 with lids ,over a few months .   I live outside a small town of 6,000 people , next town has 10,000 people .So not heavily populated area .in the spring when I plant veggies in  the garden , we’ll  have a storm come through , ice ,sleet etc .I use these buckets to cover each plant for frost protection , if we get a late snow , I put the buckets on the plants , and then cover everything with an old sheet, tarp, blanket, and put a brick on top of that .Saved my plants many a time , by pushing the season a little .I also use the buckets to store food, use for water bowls for animals , store bird seed in them , blackout kit …..uses are endless …..when they degrade over time I throw them out and have more….

Have a great day ..Debi 

Weekly Shopping Report from Joe

We made three stops on our trip today. The first stop was Dollar[-twenty five] Tree. No more mackerel, but they have a lot of other canned items, beans and rice (smaller bags), egg noodles, and spices. There were more mugs and other glassware than I’ve seen in a while. One of the food coolers in the back was completely empty and dark; I did not ask about it. The others were all full.

Home Depot was next. Milwaukee has a uniquely shaped (“hawk-bill”) knife that Wife really likes, so I got one too. The shape is great for working in the garden, opening packages, and other common tasks. A 2x4x8 is still $4.98. There was not much on the cull cart this week. We picked up some 30% UV shade cloth we’d ordered; it really helps plants to not bake in the hot sun.

Our final stop was Aldi. Despite a light list with no meat (other than bacon) this week, the bill seemed a little high, but we know that’s how it is now. Stock levels were good in all areas except perhaps meat, which was a little light, but not alarming. Some of the prepping channels I watch are reporting some shortages, but fortunately we’re not seeing it here yet.

I saw only a few face-diapers, mostly in Aldi. Traffic was fairly light for a Saturday. Untainted regular has gone back up to $5.099.

Operation Independence

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Main topic of the Show: Money Mornings

My3Things, Garden30, Frugality Tip, Selfish Sunday, Money Morning are all gimmicks.(Compare to diets)

Why using gimmicks to make progress works.

What is Money Mornings?

Why did you start them?

How do you decide what makes money?

Does it preclude you from making money in the afternoon?

How do homesteading afternoons help you reach your goals if you are not making money?

What has been the result of Money Mornings?

What does this mean for me?

Land on gimmick as a tool for focus.

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Make it a great week!


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