Join Sue Zoldak and Nicole Sauce LIVE!

Join Sue Zoldak and me on Sept 22 at 2pm Central for a LIVE discussion on her choice to transition her daughter from government schools into a homeschooling environment. In this day and age of hyper-customizable content, it is a shame that government schools have not figured out how to address various learning styles and needs of our children. But then, why would they? There is no motivation to change. Sue decided recently to turn a bad situation into an opportunity for he daughter to gain a truly holistic education by taking the lead and bringing her back home.

We will cover:

  • Why Sue decided to homeschool her daughter
  • Sue’s approach to a better curriculum for her daughter
  • How Sue will address being a single mom with a very busy schedule and still making time for homeschooling
  • More…

This episode will stream on Youtube, Odysee and Flote.

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Youtube Link: