Episode 460 – Branding and Packaging Your Coffee, Home Roasting Business Part 2

Today is the second in a  series about how to build and launch your home or craft coffee roasting business. We will cover branding and packaging


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Main topic of the Show:  Branding and Packaging Your Coffee, Home Roasting Business Part 2

What to know about Branding

  • Member Webinar in the Portal, Personal and Business Branding with Sue Zoldak, May 2021
  • Know your target
  • Visual and “personality” representation of the core essence of your business. Must be: Emotional (Buyer), Differentiated (Competition), Credible (You and the Buyer)
  • Packaged for: Web, print, social. Black and white and color. Visible from afar and look good up close.
  • Industry colors: browns, green, blues (Think about what that means for you and your brand)

Developing your brand story

  • Coffee is about people from farm to cup
  • Why it matters to the buyer
  • What made YOU love coffee (that matters to the buyer)? How did you get to where you are today?
  • Sketch it out and practice with friends, have them tell your story back. Learn from that


  • Label must haves
  • Plastic vs paper
  • Co2 filter
  • Packaging sizes (12 oz vs 16, shape, etc)
  • Label design vs printed bags
  • Color choices
  • Where are you selling your coffee?
  • Does your packaging sell your coffee (farmer’s market story)

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