Spring Workshop Fish Night Leftovers

Fish Night dinner at LFTN Spring Workshop: Thrive 2021 was popular, but even that hungry crew couldn’t eat all the seafood on the dinner table. Here’s what we did with a couple of pounds of mahi mahi. Note that a traditional cioppino contains a mix of seafood, including shellfish.  Sticking to the Cook with What You Have mood, this dish still tasted fine, even though we found only one type of protein in it.

Easy Crockpot Cioppino


Diced tomatoes and tomato paste
Red bell pepper
Seafood or fish stock
Garlic, Italian seasoning, sugar, bay leaf, salt and pepper
White wine
Shrimp, fish (such as halibut or salmon), crabmeat, chopped clams
Parsley and basil

Cook on low 2 hours: tomato products, bell pepper, onion, celery, herbs and spices, stock.

An hour before serving, add fish and wine.

Half an hour before serving, test the fish. Is it done? If so, turn crockpot to warm setting.

Garnish with parsley and basil. Serve with a hefty side salad, a green vegetable, and, if you wish, crusty Italian bread.


We used the de-boned leftover fish from Fish Night at LFTN Thrive 2020, so we added it and the wine just half an hour before serving.