Today, we will take a deeper dive into things that hold you back, why they do, and what to do next. That’s right – Spring has sprung, Easter has passed, the year is 30% behind us, so what are you waiting for? Such a simple question and yet one that often gets in our way.

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Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Quarterly Freezer Audit
  • Easter supper from the pantry: roast beef, sweet potatoes, cheesy broccoli, gravy, superb fresh salad
  • Feta batch one is being launched this week – and just like that the pantry season has changed from use up to fill up
  • Two people vs one perspective (Mama Sauce is in town)

Featured forages: Spring salad

  • Wild mustard
  • Watercress
  • Nettle
  • Deadnettle
  • Chickweed

Operation Independence

  • Bees swarmed — honey season is nigh
  • Workshop prep is going really well

Main topic of the Show: What Are You Waiting For?

I am one of those people that folks tend to quickly trust with personal information. They will run things by me that they may not share with others. One time, I asked Tactical, why do people tell me things? He said – well because it is easy to tell you hard things because you don’t judge. 

But that isn’t entirely true. Maybe I do not judge things the traditionally judgemental way that people do when they hear about past trauma or trials. Those things are what form us into the good people we can all be today. I don;t even care if someone once was a terrible person and has changed over time and wants to confess that. actions speak louder than words and if I can see that they are not a bad actor.

But the idea that I do not judge is not exactly right. I DO judge, and sometimes pretty harshly. Like all of us, I have very limited time to invest in projects, people and creative pursuits. That means that if I even sense for a moment that someone is not serious about doing the thing that they want my help with, I have a hard time giving time to them, even when offered money for consulting.

This is the curse of the consultant who is motivated by helping people succeed rather than by earning as much money as possible.

So really, I may be the most judgemental person you know on some ways. I just don;t see a reason to inflict my perspective on someone who isn’t ready to hear it.

As humans, we can be very fickle, facing depression, fatigue. Committing to things that we did not realize would take so much time. Wanting more more more.

Yet some of us fall prey to what are you waiting for syndrome to a much higher degree than others.

Last year, I lost 20 lbs, doubled my business after it looking like it was going to be cut in half instead, and managed to pay off my debt faster than originally thought and it boiled down to one question I would ask almost every day: What are you waiting for?

We are so easily distracted, aren’t we? <comment on technology>

What is it that you really want to do? That is often the underlying cause of this syndrome. If I do not start I will not find out that I do not want this thing I think I want.

To which I ask – so what? Start. Find out. Worst thing that can happen is you deciode to abandon course and do something else.

These are all things that make us wait:

  1. Setting up situations where you need someone else to do something before you can move forward and they are not delivering.
    a) You can’t find the drywaller to do the drywall repairs (Wood chip story)
  2. The time is not right because of money/resources/economy
  3. You do not have enough time to do it
  4. You are not ready to handle high volume 
  5. Your logo/marketing/business structure/website is not built
  6. Every time you try to learn or do the thing, you run into a brick wall (NFT)
  7. I can’t find it
  8. I don;t like to do it – eat that frog

The flip

It is not magic, it is perspective. Changing you perspective will not solve every ill, but it will do one very important thing: change the programming in your brain so that that powerful computer you walk around with every day has time to come up with a solution.

Emergency find is low? What are you waiting for? Sell some crap, drive uber, take that overtime, do something to fill it back up.

Debt keeping you from scouting out on your own? That’s great because it is easy to solve when you decide to solve it.

Your divorce messing with your head, finances and turning your world upside down? Of course it is! What will you make of yourself through it? How will you address the turmoil you cannot stop? But is it causing you to wait until it is done to start making the life you want? Why? What are you waiting for? Some magical court document confirming the situation? That could take weeks or it could take years. Meanwhile, you could be doing something to pick up and build your next masterpiece.

What are you waiting for? Someone else to decide? Screw that — you decide. This life is all about you decide. You choose the life you want to live, or be miserable living a life someone else chooses for you. Do you really want that kind of control over your head? I know I don’t.

That is why we say Make it a great week here.

That is why asking yourself what are you waiting for can help move you forward

That is why when you hear yourself saying I can’t or I wish I could, or someday, the better approaches are:

I won’t, or I am going to, or in order to do that in 4 years, I can do this now, or actually I don’t really want that in my life.

And yes – stuff doesnt go as we planned, and it doesnt always go right. (Destroyed duplex apartment story) So what?

Guys Spring has sprung, Easter has passed, the year is 30% behind us, so what are you waiting for? Such a simple question yet it can be hard to implement. 

But really, What are you waiting for?

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Make it a great week!


GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


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