Today, I am joined by Dennis Alan to share his journey from rags to riches to off-grid living. He shares what it took for him to decide to take ownership of his life journey and build a life grounded in happiness.

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Dennis Alan grew up in poverty on the wrong side of the tracks and got into trouble along the way. He realized at a young age that he would need to take control of his life to prosper and chose a good job in sales and rocking the corporate world over a life of crime. After going from rags to riches he realized that none of this ever made him happy. After getting into gardening, he started looking for a better life. He found permaculture and after asking himself what happiness is, he started designing his own life. He quit his corporate job, sold both properties in the city and bought 30 acres of raw land to build a home and a new lifestyle in central PA. Now he lives in an off grid 1975 Airstream on a big hill with a great view and is truly happy.


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