Today is Wednesday so we have a how to topic and what is top of my mind today is focus. Focus through the noise. Focus through the news cycle. And ways to trick yourself into focusing in times when there is simply too much going on. I will share with you four of my favorite strategies for focusing.

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  • Peak Weed and No time to Deal With It 
  • Beets are up and I hope to keep them alive
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  • Time to plan to fall garden starts
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Four strategies to Find Focus When You Feel Scattered

Do you ever have one of those days or weeks where it seems like every time you turn around you are being interrupted by something urgent? And at the end of the day you have started nothing you need to start? Sometimes these days happen, but all too often it is up to you to keep it from happening by making choices to focus on one thing at a time.

I often say that multitasking is a fiction. Sure, some people are good at changing their focus from item to item quickly, but if you look at how they are processing things, you often find they are really just able to shift rapidly, not process two or three things at a time.

This is not to be confused with function stacking when you do one thing but it serves multiple purposes.

But back to focus – the best way to navigate a scattered day is to dig in and focus on the top priority item until it is either finished or as far as it can go before you move onto the next item.

But if you are like me, when there is tons of stuff going on, you feel anxious. Stressed. The LAST thing you want to do is buckle down and do just one thing when so many need attention. 

But focusing on finishing things is the best way to get over the scatter. To bust the clutter. To move beyond the overwhelming panic that you have. And today, just one week out from the LFTN Spring Workshop, I share with you four of my strategies for MAKING myself focus.


  • Pause
  • Make a list (Include the desired end state of the thing you need to do)
  • Establish priority

Four Strategies for finding focus

  1. Go into isolation (closed doors really help)
  2. Play music that will reprogram your brain:
  3. Only show yourself three things on your list at a time
  4. Set a timer plus reward system

It may seem like I am playing games with myself but the thing that discerns people who GSD vs those who don’t is the ability to finish things, not just start them and focus is key to that endeavor.

So what do you do when you cannot focus? How do you bust through the metal clutter to get your stuff together? 

Make it a great week!

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