We still have 3 seats left for Green Chili day!

Did you hear me talking about September 14, green chili day? That’s right, you are welcome to come out and see how we process green chilies, as well as share some food and fun at the Holler Homestead. After members had their crack at seats, we have ended up with three seats left!

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Join us at the Holler Homestead for Green Chili Day! September 14, 2019 – 10am-8pm. Camping available for Saturday night.

  • Awesome food
  • Fun walks to be taken
  • See how we preserve Hatch Chilies (Canning, salsa, drying, smoking, freezing)
  • Some adult beverages
  • Great community

Specifics: Starting 10am Saturday, we will be roasting and processing hatch chilies for winter. This is a fun day of great chili-laden food and hanging out. Event ends at 8pm but y’all are welcome to camp if you have been imbibing. Please leave by 9:30am Sunday.

Request that adult language be avoided until after 8pm as there will be some children here.

This is a free event, however we rarely are sad if folks show up with something to contribute. 😀