Episode 153: What We Can Learn From Travel

Travel teaches some great lessons that apply to normal home life and side hustle living. Today, I will talk through 6 things that occurred to me this week.

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Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Balancing on the road with pantry practices
  • Almost out of Salsa

What’s in Season

  • Getting loads of salad greens from the aquaponics
  • Watercress is at peak harvestability right now 
  • Dandelion flowers
  • Transplanting tomatoes this coming weekend

Operation Independence

  • Sales – because it is important
  • Collections – because it is even more important

Main topic of the show: What We Can Learn From Travel

Daniel from the coffee break group and logo design

Make it a great week!

Song: Dr Feeley, Dr Skinner by Sauce

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