Episode 151: 5 Ways To Help Your Plants Through the Frost

Today, I thought I would talk about something all of us in Tennessee have been doing for a few weeks and that many of you will soon need to do: helping your plants through morning frosts that happen in the spring as the earth embraces spring, gets warm, then spikes down below the freezing point at night. I’ve got 5 things you can do without spending a ton of cash – and these are especially important if you are playing early spring plant roulette as I am.

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BrettChef on Hard Boiled Eggs

Getting the Gardens Ready

  • The year of taming the weeds by my house – transplanted day lillies, elderberry, comfrey, potatoes
  • Added rose bush and rosa ragusa
  • Need to fence out the chickens and do regular weed hoeing sessions, ground cover
  • What I would be doing in sunshine plot: cutting weeds in the pathways, cleanup and mulching

Stump the Sauce

FROM Tom on pickled carrots

Main topic of the Show: 5 ways to save your plants from frost

  1. Prepare the ground: Mulch 
  2. Water them well 
  3. Heat their feet 
  4. Cover them
  5. Heat under the cover

Bring plants inside…

Make it a great week!

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