Reserve your spot for the Spring workshop!

Registration is open for the Spring workshop. As of this morning, we have 13 spots left. This year’s focus will be around building energy stability into your home or homestead, small business entrepreneurship, and fantastic food.

April 26-28

Location: 1 hour east of Nashville

Come see:

  • Sandor Katz, author of Wild Fermentation, to give us a demo and answer questions
  • Nicole Sauce, coffee roaster and homesteader, to show us how to make cheese and facilitate two project accelerators
  • Shawn Mills, from Hackmysolar.com, will dive into energy and oversee the building of a rocket mass heater onsite
  • Jessica Mills (AKA Dixie) will walk us through building your personal brand online
  • Patrick Roehrman, MTKnives.net, will cover razor sharp knife sharpening (and other homestead tools)
  • Brett Corrieri, BrettChef.com, will cover charcuterie and help ensure great grub at the event
  • Dori Mulder, of 40 Acres and a Cave, will come talk about how to glean value from what you have
  • Kurt Dugger, FreedomPhotography, will talk about building a network before you need it
  • David Oswalt, CiderHollowFarms.com, will show how to graft