Rest, regeneration, rejuvenation and reflection are the topic of today’s show. The season has changed, we are officially in winter – and have been weather-wise for a bit. And the hardest days are likely ahead. But right now, in this moment, if we are following the natural flow of seasons. We finally have time to get some rest. Today, I also wanted to discuss the spirit of the season – no matter your religious leaning, and to think through ways to make the most of the season of regeneration.

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Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Zello Meetup Drunk Snacks
  • Ham ideas: Ham sauerkraut stew, red eye gravy, pasta with cream sauce and broccoli, ham salad sandwiches (or hors d’oeuvres)
  • Spring is coming: Seed catalogs and seedling growing station

Stump the Sauce

  • Making Mayo: The process and how to not get it to taste like olive oil
  • Canning Lid fail

Operation Independence

  • 2018 Finance Review is Done and we kept the house! (New tracking spreadsheet for 2019)

Main topic of the show: Season of Regeneration

Merry Christmas everyone –  and make it a great week.


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