Episode 103: Preparing the Aquaponics System and Garden Beds for Winter

Today, we talk about what steps I will take to prepare the aquaponics system for winter, as well as go over what you can do now to get your garden beds ready for a great spring!

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Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Phase 1 has been completed 
  • Final canning events of the year (after Jack’s)
  • Drying Mushrooms
  • November: Meat rotation in the freezer
  • Time to extract honey, or package it in tinfoil to avoid freezer burn
  • Gluehwein season is here

What Mother Nature is providing

  • Ap: Swiss chard and not much else at the moment
  • Time to winterize. More on that later
  • Winterize the bees
  • Mushrooms are exploding
  • Firewood

Stump the Sauce

Operation Independence

  • Tile, Tile, Tile, Tile on the rental that has taken forever. Tiling on a wavy wall (operation independence)
  • One annoying thing season

Main topic of the show: Winterizing the Aquaponics System and garden beds

Four things to to to the ap:

  • Stock tank heater
  • Bed hoops
  • Insulation on the feeder hoses
  • Bring in the frost sensitive plants

How to prepare your beds for winter

  • Clean them out
  • Layers: manure, compost, forest dirt, leaves, straw or wood chips or another mulch. (My thoughts on local wood chips)
  • What to do if you interplant like I do

A Final Winter checklist

  • Waters ready to be ice-free?
  • Bees?
  • Animal bedding sufficient?
  • Goat hay needed
  • Pump house filters changed
  • Bring in the banana trees
  • Try to overwinter a rosemary plant and the tabasco peppers

Make it a great week.

Song: Strange Child by Sauce

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