Episode 86: 5 ways to use an abundance of cucumbers

Today we talk about five uses for an abundance of cucumbers. Everyone else around me who got their gardens started on time are drowning in cucumbers! I even got a text from a long time friend asking me how to make pickles this week. And SHE doesn’t do canning —- yet. So if I am drowning in cucumbers without even having mine even begin to develop yet, then other people who were more responsible about planting this year must be covered up in these tasty veggies.

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Cucumbers as beauty supplies
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Tomato Cucumber Soup

What Mother Nature is providing
Lots of tomatoes
Overwhelming numbers of cucumbers
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Watercress and salad are done

Tales from the Prepper Pantry
Hashbrowns on pizza – buy sharpies
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Listener feedback
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Ideas from the Booze Whisperer
Cucumber Cocktail

Operation Independence
Updating the duplex:
$800 for roughing in three fixtures in a duplex remodel with a friend. (Numbers derived from national average installation pricing)
Managed to keep my commitment to myself and keep the dishes and laundry caught up in the past week of busy

And now for the main topic of our show: 5 uses for an abundance of cucumbers.

If you are new to this show, or new to homesteading, etc., do feel free to reach out and suggest topics for me to cover. Just shoot an email to nicole@livingfreeintennessee.com.

Make it a great week.

Song: Tripped Out by Sauce