How are you doing moving toward your goals? These past few weeks have had me thinking pretty hard about how simple it is to set a set of priorities in your life and family, then use them as a filter through which to make choices. It is so simple, in fact, that it is hard. Then I got to reading a book I was helping someone right and one of their chapter titles was “Organized people who are wrong beat disorganized people who are right every time.”

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What mother nature is providing

  • Watercress
  • Shagbark
  • Stinging Nettle
  • Mullein
  • Wild Garlic

Getting the Gardens Ready

  • Wood chipping in the garden space
  • Trimmed up the peach tree and elderberries

Tales from the prepper pantry

  • The Sweet potatoes have rotted
  • Still have butternut squash – the powerhouse of the pantry

Operation Independence

  • Another load of pallets arrives this week
  • New Well Pump Installation
  • Slogging through the taxes one day at a time

Make it a great week!

Song: Belly Dancing Vamp Tune, Sauce