Episode 45: Be an Ant, Prepare for Winter

The Dog Days of summer are upon us and winter is coming. Are you ready for it? Today, we will talk about what you should can do now to prepare for the winter, whether you are in the city or on a homestead like we are.

Next week’s show will be a replay of a former episode because I will be out of town for my grandmother’s funeral.

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Eating Seasonally and Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • This is where we share what we are eating as it comes to us – and talk about ways to use what we store.
  • It got very very hot her: Tomatoes on hold but they will probably all ripen at once when I am at my grandma’s funeral. Alas.
  • So. Much. Squash.
  • “Where is the fruit?” I think the mild winter paired with a late frost has left us mostly fruitless around here.

What we are preserving this week
Where we share what we are preserving for winter storage

  • Nothing – headed out of town 🙂


Handy summer checklist for winter preparation in the summer:
Make a list of what you should be ready for

  • Higher heat bills
  • Snow
  • Higher food bills
  • Christmas
  • Getting stuck in your home with no power
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder

Audit your list – and take care of the things now that are better done when it is light out, warm out, and important. Here is my list:

Audit the food stored – pantry and freezers – because I am most likely to get iced in for a week or so
Use up the old and plan to replenish the new
The can of sauerkraut in the back
Animal feed and bedding

Maintenance on winter technology
Backup heaters
Winter equipment like snow shovels, blowers, etc
Anti-freeze set up for animal’s water

Do the chores now that are rough in a snow storm
Get your firewood going and stored
Water filters in the pump house and general pipe maintenance
Gutter check, paint, decks, etc
Clean out the clutter
Make it so you can easily access the important things

I know – winter seems so far away right now, but it is coming faster than you think. A little care now will help your transition into the cold, dark part of the year. And in Winter is when we catch our breath on the Homestead.

Make it a great week!

Song: Grandpa’s Song by Sauce

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