Episode 42: The Reality of a Homestead in the Summer, Goats and Nieces

In today’s show, we will hear a bunch of reality checks for the homesteader. Summer has arrived, and there is lots to do. The animals can be grumpy when it is hot. My garden is in an interesting state. Plus we got two goats and they’ve been teaching me a ton, and, after years of offering, my sister trusted me with two nieces for Holler Homestead Summer Camp.

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Eating Seasonally and Tales from the Prepper Pantry
This is where we share what we are eating as it comes to us – and talk about ways to use what we store.

  • Tomatoes are slowly starting to come on.
  • Brisket Story
  • Corn is at the market so we got some
  • Elephant garlic is coming out of the ground (Slow cooked with butter)
  • Cucumbers are here and with them: Pickling season!

What we are preserving this week
Where we share what we are preserving for winter storage

  • Green Beans
  • Blackberry Cordial and Jam
  • No peaches yet, but it looks like elderberries will come on soon and this year I want to make some Elderberry wine!

DAY 1 of goats illuminated 2 fencing issues
Day 2 of goats illuminated how deeply you must set a tether
Day 3 of goats illuminated what happens when you have a head goat – no need to tether the other one
Day 5 of goats illuminated that if you tether the non-dominant goat, the dominant one runs off
Day 14 of goats: things are under control – dogs and goats are working together again so I can leave my raccoon chasing dog back out in the yard, the yard is starting to show signs that something is eating the weeds – which is our goal, and we have discovered that goats LOVE apples.
Conclusion: Don’t get goats for the first time, even with Goat Knox built, unless you can be home for a few weeks until you get the hang of things.

Summer is just now beginning but it feels like things are in full swing here in Tennessee.  Everyone is busy so don’t get too upset if you have weeds in your garden or fall behind on your canning. Snap back to your priorities, get real, and make a list. And remember – make it a great week!

Song: Wolf by Sauce