Episode 41: The Power of Social Capital, Canning Green Beans, and Hey Hey

Today we walk through the process of canning green beans along with tips on how NOT to contract botulism on accident, I’ll share with you how the power of social capital is moving our coffee business along, and we will have an update on Hey Hey, the orphaned baby chick.

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But before we do that: I wanted to share with you a new experience I had: Swarm.City.

  • What it is
  • Why you might care
  • The “Slack”

Resources for today’s show:

Eating Seasonally and Tales from the Prepper Pantry
This is where we share what we are eating as it comes to us – and talk about ways to use what we store.

Swimming in Squash.
Nasturtium are up and harvestable
Companion carrots are looking great

What we are preserving this week
Where we share what we are preserving for winter storage
Green Beans
Pickling Beets
Ramping up for peach season!
Should be making Jam but I am not

Garden Economics project
I was given a half bushel of beets in exchange for 4 jars of pickled ones
I bought ½ bushel of green beans for $12 and it will yield 14-16 jars
I spent $3 on pickling salt because we were getting low – I buy a bag about every 2 years


Canning Green Beans

What you need:
All the stuff you always need: Jars, lids, jar lifter
Canning salt
Fresh greenbeans

The process – cold pack
Prepare the beans, while also sterilizing jars and making boiled water
Fill jars loosely with beans that are de-stringed and broken into 1 inch long pieces. Dont cram them in
Measure in your salt:
Pour in boiling water with 1 inch head space
Cap them
Put them in your pressure canner
Put the lid on and move stove heat to high
Let steam vent for 10 minutes
Then place the regulator on top of the steam exhaust pipe
Watch as pressure comes up over 11, and adjust heat to keep it there
Processing time 20/25 below 1,000 feet
Turn off heat and let the canner cool until the pressure indicator drops and stays down for 5 minutes
Be careful of steam upon opening the canner
Remove jars and let cool overnight
Any on-sealed lids either have to be reprocessed, or put in the fridge and eaten


Well everyone, Make It A Great Week!