Episode 40: Going off Grid, Baby Chicks and Ducks, and the Importance of First Aid Preparedness

Today, we are back on track with an episode about homesteading life. I will talk a little bit about going off grid, when it does and does not make sense, as well as share with you the analysis that my friend Shawn over at HackMySolar did here at the Holler Homestead. And no, he isn’t paying me to talk about this. But if you have not checked out his website HackMySolar.com and you are interested in solar and other off-grid things, check out his site.

I will share with you some of the chaos of raising both chickens and ducks and what happens when the duck hatches baby chickens. I’ve got a good question in about coffee roasters and what to consider when upgrading. Samantha the Savings Ninja has a special message you may want to listen to before Father’s Day. And finally, I’ll share a personal story of pain that ended well because my animal first aid kit and human first aid kits were well stocked.

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Eating Seasonally and Tales from the Prepper Pantry
Green beans, chard from the market, cabbages, green tomatoes, fresh basil, squash blossoms

What we are preserving this week
Green Beans
Drying Herbs

Garden Economics project:
I spent $15 on Beets and ended up with 15 jars (22 pints) of pickled beets. Total out of pocket was $20 with the vinegar, lids, etc. That’s $.90 per pint.
This is between $.50 and $4 per jar cheaper than we can buy them, and I know what is in the jar and I get to use my aunt Helen’s recipe.

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King Coffee in Olympia Washington: Ask me for an introduction.

Make it a great week!

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