Episode 37: Grind Your Own Wheat, and other listener feedback

Today we get to have some fun with lots of different topics. We’ve had quite a few questions in the last two weeks, and with a looming weekend pig roast in the offing, I thought today would be the perfect time for a Listener Q&A show. So we will talk about grinding your own wheat for flour and the pros and cons of that, give a shout out to a small craftsman who made me something extraordinary – sounds mysterious I know but it will make sense when we get there, talk about hindsight on my homestead, talk about my favorite itchy rash a bit more, cover raised beds in year one when you are using commercial dirt, and then wrap it up with a question about a doggie first aid kit.

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Eating Seasonally and Tales from the Prepper Pantry

This is where we share what we are eating as it comes to us – and talk about ways to use what we store.

  • Lambs quarter should be coming on but I haven’t gone searching for it
  • Cabbage everything and the first squash is at the farmers market
  • Radishes and spinach
  • Last garlic scapes
  • Salad dressing recipe of the week: Mustart, bbq sauce, balsamic, honey, water, salt, smoked cayenne, mainnaise

Getting the Gardens Ready

Where we share what we are doing to get our food growing operation up and running.

  • The garden is in and one of our chickens is in danger of being processed – she killed SIX cucumber plants!
  • Putting in the okra seeds and sweet potato slips – why not earlier?
  • Seeding tomato trays for the fall garden


Grinding your own flour

  1. Cost
  2. Flavor
  3. Health
  4. Time
  5. Equipment


  • Less per pound
  • Tastes better
  • Makes me feel better


  • You still need to buy flour for very fine applications unless your equipment is expensive
  • It’s another appliance you have to buy – unless you have a vitamix
  • Relearning to bake

Overall: two thumbs up

The belt: A shout-out to OMG Leather Works: http://www.omgleatherworks.com/

Poison Ivy Feedback

  • Neosporin plus jewelweed is a winner
  • The poke weed root rub method did not work (But there is the boiled poke root bath method I have not tried)
  • The Poison Ivy Guy

From Ford in TN: If you could change one thing about your homestead what would it be?

Frank in Wisconsin: Raised garden beds and how to make the dirt good?

As a bald man when you wash your face, where do you stop

Willow in east TN: What are some items you would keep in a homemade first aid kit for animals?

  1. Tailored for your animals – learn a bit about what they need.
  2. Know where to go before you have the emergency and write it down on actual paper
  3. Look for crossover with human first aid needs

That said, this is what I have

  • gauze and animal wrap tape – in fact I use the horse leg wrap for humans too
  • Clippers
  • Sharp scissors
  • Clamps
  • Tweezers
  • gloves
  • Peroxide – spray bottle
  • Povidone-iodine
  • Sani wipes
  • bleach
  • Neosporin
  • Bluekote
  • Probiotics
  • Kickin Chicken vitamin mix
  • Antibiotics and a syringe
  • Benedryl
  • aspirin
  • Extras of medication if you have animals that require them (My dog has congestive heart failure)
  • I wish i had suture thread and needles but I dont yet
  • Cayenne pepper, ground
  • Topic herbals like comfrey/plantain/etc

Our kickstarter is LIVE! <link> We’ve almost broken the $600 mark!

Also, on Wednesday I am being interviewed by Jack Spirko over at The Survival Podcast if you want to hear more about the coffee business!

With that – get out there and Make it a great week!

Song: Sauce, Every Way