Episode 29: Homesteading Bootcamp – an interview with Mike Vertrees

This week I took the opportunity of being in the car for 26 hours with the famous Mike Vertrees to record an interview with him about the workshop we attended at Jack Spirko’s place. This workshop was fantastic – and exhausting. There will be expanded show notes on Wednesday, my friends.

Song: Dr. Feeley, Dr. Skinner – Sauce

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  1. Jake
    Jake says:

    I really enjoyed meeting you and learning from you. You certainly have passion about roasting coffee and caused me to pay strict attention to you presentation. I learned a bunch about the sophistication for choosing the right beans and blending a great coffee. I also was impressed with your business/entrepreneur acumen. I enjoyed your podcast with Mike and I appreciate the Kudos about the Sous Vide presentation. Mike and I go back and have had some fun times so I can imagine the fun you had driving up and back with his quick wit and bottomless information. Cheers!

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