Episode 64: Homestead Budgeting, Squaring a Pole Barn

Today, I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff lined up for you, some of which I meant to tell you last week, but ran out of time. We are going to go through some lessons learned on budgeting for the homestead – Ive collected them from various sources, most of whom are not natural budgeters and we will talk about something I learned this week: How to square a pole barn with a measuring tape, stakes and string.


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What mother nature is providing

  • Mullein
  • Jerusalem artichokes – but i cant get them because I waited too long
  • Oyster mushrooms in between deep freezes
  • Rediscovering sprouts and lessons learned from this.
    • The failed first try
    • Where to get seed
    • The lids – DIY or Amazon: http://amzn.to/2B2Y9kw

Tales from the prepper pantry

  • Time to think of 101 ways to eat sweet potatoes! I’m starting with a sweet potato chili this week since it will get down to 8 (!!!) degrees.
  • Redoing the inside drawer freezer. I hate drawer freezers – I can’t see anything in them.
  • Moving canned goods from 2016 to the Use it or lose it cabinet.
  • Collard greens: Story — land on anything green that is not green beans becomes very attractive at this time of year.
  • Lots of homemade bread – the bread machine hack if you are busy
  • Black eyed peas and bacon ends
  • Duck: Spatchcocked and roasted
  • Roasted brussels sprouts in duck fat

Stretching Meals

  • The Venison Stew Project: $3 in meat, Stock is already accounted for from stretching the turkey, $1 jar of corn, $.50 onion, Garlic is free to me, $1 in sweet potatoes and potatoes, $2 in beets: $7.50. Number of meals: 10. $.75 per meal plus $.25 for bread and four of those meals are in the freezer because we wanted something new to eat.

Operation Independence

  • Launched the LFTN Membership Portal – Speaking of which, we are seeking companies that want to offer our listeners a discount – contact me to find out how you can get on the list! Nicolsauce@gmail.com.
  • Held true to the Weekly Finance Review

Homestead Budgeting

It’s January – many of us turn over a new leaf right about now and try to develop new habits. Sometimes those habits are hard to keep going. About this time last year, I realized that I would have to stop having an income in the traditional sense. I had hoped that I would get another 12 months of steady income.

5 lessons learned about budgeting from people who are not naturals.

  • I spend too much money (And what this means)
  • Decluttering and getting the house in order is instrumental to controlling the budget
  • Budgeting is a whole family project or you fail: Gameify it
  • Be real or you will fail
  • Learn to cook awesome food, plan and manage meals, and use your leftovers

Squaring a Pole Barn

Make it a great week!